Forgiveness is not only the key to the restoration of our relationship with God, but also the key to healing from the consequences of hurtful and damaging human relationships. Without forgiveness as a foundation of our faith, every time we are hurt by what someone else does, we will be encased in more subjection. Forgiveness is the key that opens the door of hope and healing.



If everything was easy, then we wouldn't strive for the best, trying to beat the rest. I have heard this too many countless times but hey, it is life. Breathe and enjoy it. Life is only given once. Never hold grudges. Forgive and move on. Life if life, things happen. Life can give you a million reason to smile. But most of all, life is based upon a lesson, being able to survive is a blessing. I am thankful to be able to make mistakes and allowed to correct them with the decision I'm going to make in life. 



Greeks knew better about the subject of  L O V  E . They did not single out the only kind of love that can be, and often is, genuinely unconditional. Asking nothing in return and sometimes getting nothing in return and which is unquestionably a virtue.
The point is, there is no consistency between the chemistry and poetry of the best emotion we know.. L O V E , that promotes trust between individuals and it would be foolish to say that trust is less valuable.


Behind These Cameras

Self. Sense of self that we must account for. We feel that we are individual selves, centers of our experience and memory, owners of our plans and hopes, identifiable to others and ourselves by our interests, character traits, sense of humor and reactions.

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